2017-2018 Publications

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Delgado, M., Kothari, A., Hittelman, W. N., & Chambers T.C. (2017). Preparation of primary acute lymphoblastic leukemia cells in different cell cycle phases by centrifugal elutriation. J. Vis. Exp., 129, e56418.

Urbaniak, A., Delgado, M., Antoszczakb, M., Huczyńskib, A., & Chambers, T. C. (2018). Salinomycin derivatives exhibit activity against primary acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) cells in vitro. Biomed. Pharmacother., 99, 384-390.

Urbaniak, A., Delgado, M., Kacprzak, K., & Chambers, T. C. (2017). Activity of resveratrol triesters against primary acute lymphoblastic leukemia cells. Bioorg. Med. Chem. Lett., 27, 2766-2700.


Cabal, A., Jun, S. R., Jenjaroenpun, P., Wanchai, V., Nookaew, I., Wongsurawat, T., et al. (2018). Genome-based comparison of clostridioides difficile: Average amino acid identity analysis of core genomes. Microb Ecol.

Jun, S. R., Wassenaar, T. M., Wanchai, V., Patumcharoenpol, P., Nookaew, I., & Ussery, D. W. (2017). Suggested mechanisms for zika virus causing microcephaly: What do the genomes tell us? BMC Bioinformatics

Wanchai, V., Patumcharoenpol, P., Nookaew, I., & Ussery, D. (2017). dBBQs: DataBase of bacterial quality scores. BMC Bioinformatics.

Cellular Physiology and Molecular Biophysics

Blackburn, J. B., Kudlyk, T., Pokrovskaya, I., & Lupashin, V. V. (2018). More than just sugars: COG complex deficiency causes glycosylation-independent cellular defects. Traffic

Climer, L. K., Pokrovskaya, I. D., Blackburn, J. B., & Lupashin, V. V. (2018). Membrane detachment is not essential for COG complex function. Mol Biol Cell

Hamdan, H., Patyal, P., Kockara, N. T., & Wight, P. A. (2018). The wmN1 enhancer region in intron 1 is required for expression of human PLP1. in press. Glia

Miller, C. N., Smith, E. P., Knodler, L. A., Cundiff, J. A., Blackburn, J. B., Lupashin, V., et al. (2017). A brucella type IV effector remodels COG-dependent secretory traffic to promote intracellular replication. Cell Host Microbe, (17), 30300-30301.

Clinical Nutrition

Bell, A.; Borourian, S.; Zeng, H.; Phelps, J.; Hakkak, R.; (2017) A Diet Containing a High-Versus Low-Daidzein Level Does Not Protect Against Liver Steatosis in the Obese Female Zucker Rat model. Food & Function, 8, 1293-1298. DOI: 10.1039/C6FO01772J

Hakkak, R., Bell, A., & Korourian, S. (2017). Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) feeding protects liver steatosis in obese breast cancer rat model. Sci. Pharm, 85(13)

Graduate Program in Interdisciplinary Biomedical Sciences

Alkam, D., Wongsurawat, T., Jenjaroenpun, P., Connor, S., Hobbs, C., Wassenaar, T. M., et al. (2017). Three complete genome sequences of genotype G mumps virus from the 2016 outbreak in arkansas, USA. . Genome Announcements, 5(32)

Hambuchen, M. D., Hendrickson, H. P., Gunnell, M. G., McClenahan, S. J., Ewing, L. E., Gibson, D. M., et al. (2017). The pharmacokinetics of racemic MDPV and its (R) and (S) enantiomers in female and male rats. Drug Alcohol Depend, Oct(179), 347-354.

Kim, H. N., Iyer, S., Ring, R., & Almeida, M. (2018). The role of FoxOs in bone health and disease. Curr Top Dev Biol., 127, 149-163.

Lin, H., Ewing, L. E., Koturbash, I., Gurley, B. J., & Miousse, I. R. (2017). MicroRNAs as biomarkers for liver injury: Current knowledge, challenges and future prospects. Food Chem Toxicol, (110), 229-239.

Lutkewitte, A. J., Schweitzer, G. G., Kennon-McGill, S., Clemens, M. M., James, L. P., Jaeschke, H., et al. (2018). Lipin deactivation after acetaminophen overdose causes phosphatidic acid accumulation in liver and plasma in mice and humans and enhances liver regeneration. [epub ahead print]. Food Chem Toxicol.

Miousse, I. R., Skinner, C. M., Lin, H., Ewing, L. E., Kosanke, S. D., Williams, D. K., et al. (2017). Safety assessment of the dietary supplement OxyELITE™ pro (new formula) in inbred and outbred mouse strains. Food Chem Toxicol., Nov(109), 194-209.

Rose, S., Bennuri, S. C., Davis, J. E., Wynne, R., Slattery, J. C., Tippett, M., et al. (2018). Butyrate enhances mitochondrial function during oxidative stress in cell lines from boys with autism. Translational Psychiatry, 8(42)

Winchell, C. G., Dragan, A. L., Brann, K. R., Onyilagha, F. I., Kurten, R. C., & Voth, D. E. (2018). Coxiella burnetii subverts p62/SQSTM-1 and activates Nrf2 signaling in human macrophages. Infection and Immunity

Interdisciplinary Biomedical Sciences

Blossom, S. J., Fernandes, L. M., Bai, S., Khare, S., Gokulan, K., Yuan, Y., et al. (2018). Opposing actions of developmental trichlorethylene and high-fat-diet co-exposure on markers of lipogenesis and inflammation in autoimmune-prone mice. in press. Toxicological Sci.

Climer, L. K., Pokrovskaya, I. D., Blackburn, J. B., & Lupashin, V. V. (2018). Membrane detachment is not essential for COG complex function. Mol Biol Cell

Cooney, K. A., Molden, B. M., Kowalczyk, N. S., Russell, S., & Baldini, G. (2017). Lipid stress inhibits endocytosis of melanocortin-4 receptor from modified clathrin-enriched sites and impairs receptor desensitization. J Biol Chem., 292(43), 17731-17745.

Hadden, C., Fahmi, T., Cooper, A., Savenka, A. V., Lupashin, V. V., Maroteaux, L., et al. (2017). Serotonin transporter protects the placental cells against apoptosis in caspase 3-independent pathway. Journal of Cellular Physiology, 232(12), 3520-3529.

Holthoff, E. R., Byrum, S. D., Mackintosh, S. G., Kelly, T., Tackett, A. J., Quick, C. M., et al. (2017). Vulvar squamous cell carcinoma aggressiveness is associated with differential expression of collagen and STAT1. Clinical Proteomics, 14(40)

Lowery III, C. L., Elliott, C., Cooper, A., Hadden, C., Sonon, R. N., Azadi, P., et al. (2017). Cigarette smoking-associated alterations in Serotonin/Adrenalin signaling pathways of platelets. Journal of American Heart Association, 18(6), 5.

Meeker, D. G., Wang, T., Harrington, W. N., Zharov, V. P., Johnson, S. A., Jenkins, S. V., et al. (2017). Versatility of targeted antibiotic-loaded gold nanoconstructs for the treatment of biofilm-associated bacterial infections. Int J Hyperthermia, 34, 209-219.

Moon, S. H., Zhang, X., Zheng, G., Meeker, D. G., Smeltzer, M. S., & Huang, E. (2017). Novel linear lipopeptide paenipeptins with potential for eradicating biofilms and sensitizing gram-negative bacteria to rifampicin and clarithromycin. J Med Chem, 60(23), 9630-9640.

Odle, A. K., Akhter, N., Syed, M. M., Allensworth-James, M. L., Melgar-Castillo, A. I., Benes, H., et al. Hypothesis and theory: leptin regulation of gonadotrope gonadotropin releasing hormone receptors as a metabolic checkpoint and gateway to reproductive competence. Frontiers in Endocrinology

Rom, J. S., Atwood, D. N., Beenken, K. E., Meeker, D. G., Loughran, A. J., Spencer, H. J., et al. (2017). Impact of staphylococcus aureus regulatory mutations that modulate biofilm formation in the USA300 strain LAC on virulence in a murine bacteremia model. Virulence, 8, 1776-1790.

Zimmerman, S. M., Besio, R., Heard-Lipsmeyer, M. E., Dimori, M., Castagnola, P., Swain, F. L., et al. (2018). Expression characterization and functional implication of the collagen-modifying leprecan proteins in mouse gonadal tissue and mature sperm. AIMS Genetics, 5(1), 24-40.

Microbiology and Immunology

Gupta, A., Oldenburg, D. G., Salinas, E., White, D. W., & Forrest, J. C. (2017). Murine gammaherpesvirus 68 expressing kaposi sarcoma-associated herpesvirus latency-associated nuclear antigen (LANA) reveals both functional conservation and divergence in LANA homologs. J Virol, 91(7)

Naglak, E. K., Morrison, S. G., & Morrison, R. P. Neutrophils are central to antibody mediated protection against genital chlamydia. Infect. Immun., 2017

Phillips, M. B., Stuart, J. D., Simon, E. J., & Boehme, K. W. (2018). Reovirus nonstructural protein σ1s is required for optimal reovirus protein expression. in press. Journal of Virology

Rom, J. S., Atwood, D. N., Beenken, K. E., Meeker, D. G., Loughran, A. J., Spencer, H. J., et al. (2017). Impact of staphylococcus aureus regulatory mutations that modulate biofilm formation in the USA300 strain LAC on virulence in a murine bacteremia model. Virulence, 8, 1776-1790.

Salinas, E., Gupta, A., Sifford, J. M., Oldenburg, D. G., White, D. W., & Forrest, J. C. (2018). Conditional mutagenesis in vivo reveals cell type- and infection stage-specific requirements for LANA in chronic MHV68 infection. PLoS Pathog, 14

Simon, E. J., Howells, M. A., Stuart, J. D., & Boehme, K. W. (2017). Serotype-specific killing of large cell carcinoma cells by reovirus. Viruses

Stuart, J. D., Holm, G. H., & Boehme, K. W. (2018). Differential delivery of genomic dsRNA causes reovirus strain-specific differences in IRF3 activation. J Virol

Stuart, J. D., Phillips, M. B., & Boehme, K. W. (2017). Reverse genetics for mammalian orthoreovirus. Methods Mol Biol, (1602), 1-10.

Neurobiology and Developmental Sciences

D’Onofrio, S., Hyde, J., & Garcia-Rill, E. (2017). Interaction between neuronal calcium sensor protein 1 and lithium in pedunculopontine neurons. Physiol. Rep., 5, e13246.

D’Onofrio, S., Mahaffey, S., & Garcia-Rill, E. (2017). Role of calcium channels in bipolar disorder. Curr. Psychopharmacol., 6, 122-135.

Garcia-Rill, E., Mahaffey, S., Hyde, J. R., & Urbano, F. J. (2018). Bottom-up gamma in various disorders. in press. Neurobiology of Disease: Pedunculopontine Nucleus Deep Brain Stimulation

Nursing Science

Evans, B., Beverly, C., Tsai, P., Lefler, L., Rettiganti, M., & Parks, R. (2018). Older adults’ live demonstration of electronic personal health record use: factors mediating initial proficiency. in press. Computers Informatics Nursing

Tate, L. M., Tsai, P., Landis, R. D., Rettiganti, M., & Lefler, L. L. (2017). Examining exercise in older adults using the theory of planned behavior and temporal discounting. Research in Gerontological Nursing, 10(6), 252-259.

Pharmaceutical Evaluation and Policy

Bhandari, N. R., Day, K. D., Payakachat, N., Franks, A. M., McCain, K. R., & Ragland, D. (2018). Use and risk perception of electronic nicotine delivery systems and tobacco in pregnancy. (epub ahead of print). Women’s Health Issues,

Bhandari, N. R., Kathe, N., Hayes, C., & Payakachat, N. (2018). Reliability and validity of SF-12v2 among adults with self-reported cancer. (epub ahead of print). Research in Social and Administrative Pharmacy

Hammond, D. A., Stojakovic, J., Kathe, N., Tran, J., Clem, O. A., Erbach, K., et al. (2018). Deficiencies of magnesium replacement in the critically ill. Journal of Intensive Care Medicine, 33(5), 327.

Hayes, C. J., Li, X., Shah, A. B., Bhandari, N. R., Kathe, N. J., & Payakachat, N. (2018). Health-related quality of life among chronic opioid users, non-chronic opioid users, and non-opioid users with chronic noncancer pain. (epub ahead of print). Health Services Research

Kathe, N., Hayes, C. J., Bhandari, N. R., & Payakachat, N. (2017). Assessment of reliability and validity of SF-12v2 among a diabetic population. (epub ahead of print). Value in Health,

Kathe, N., Shah, A., Said, Q., & Painter, J. T. (2018). DPP-4 inhibitor-induced rheumatoid arthritis among diabetics: A nested Case–Control study. . Diabetes Therapy, 9(1), 141-151.

Painter, J. T., Gressler, L., Kathe, N., Slabaugh, S. L., & Blumenschein, K. (2018). Consumer willingness to pay for pharmacy services: An updated review of the literature. Research in Social and Administrative Pharmacy

Pharmaceutical Sciences

Alexander, T. C., Butcher, H., Krager, K., Kiffer, F., Wang, J., & Allen, A. R. (2018). Behavioral effects of focal radiation in a juvenile murine model. [in press]. Radiat Res,

Alexander, T. C., Simecka, C. M., Kiffer, F. C., Groves, T. R., Anderson, J. E., Wang, J., et al. (2018). Changes in cognition and dendritic complexity following intrathecal methotrexate and cytarabine treatment in a juvenile murine model. Behav Brain Res., 346, 21-28.

Bharate, J. B., McConnell, N., Naresh, G., Zhang, L., Lakkaniga, N. R., Ding, L., et al. (2018). Rational design, synthesis and biological evaluation of pyrimidine-4,6-diamine derivatives as type-II inhibitors of FLT3 selective against c-KIT. Scientific Reports, 8

Carr, H., Kiffer, F. C., Groves, T. R., Anderson, J. E., Alexander, T. C., & Wang, J. (2018). Early effects of 16O on glutamate receptors and neuronal morphology in a murine model. Life Sci in Space, 17, 63-73.

Flanigan, T. J., Anderson, J. E., Elayan, I., Allen, A. R., & Ferguson, S. A. (2018). Effects of cyclophosphamide and/or doxorubicin in a murine model of postchemotherapy cognitive impairment. Toxicol Sci., 162(2), 462-474.

Kiffer, F. C., Carr, H., Groves, T., Anderson, J. E., Alexander, T., Wang, J., et al. (2018). Effects of 1H + 16O charged particle irradiation on short-term memory and hippocampal physiology in a murine model. Radiat Res., 189, 53-63.

Kiffer, F. C., Howe, A., Carr, H., Wang, J. H., Alexander, T. C., Groves, T. R., et al. (2018). Late effects of 1H irradiation on hippocampal physiology in a murine model. . Life Sci in Space, 17, 51-62.

Nukala, U., Thakkar, S., Krager, K. J., Breen, P. J., Compadre, C. M., & Aykin-Burns, N. (2018). Antioxident tocols as radiation countermeasures: Challenges to be addressed to use tocols as radiation countermeasures in humans. Antioxidents, doi: 10.3390/antiox7020033

Zhang, X., Zhang, S., Liu, X., Wang, Y., Chang, J., Zhang, X., et al. (2018). Oxidation resistance 1 is a novel senolytic target. in press. Aging Cell