New F-1 Student Information for I-20 Processing

New F-1 Student Information for I-20 Processing

Thank you for completing this form. Information submitted in this form will be used to create your F-1 immigration documentation for your studies at UAMS. If you have any questions please contact Allyson Douglass at
  • Personal Information

    Please use the information listed on the biographical page of your passport to fill out this section. Please also send a copy of the biographical page of your passport to so that we can verify this information. Immigration documents will not be created until we have received a copy of your biographical page of your passport.
  • U.S. Address
    For those who are currently in the U.S. studying and will be transferring their F-1 status to UAMS.
  • Educational Information

    Please use your letter of admission to provide information requested in this section.
  • If you will not be able to attend UAMS for the semester that you are admitted please contact Sylvia Stewart at and your program to let them know this as soon as possible.
  • Financial Information

  • Note: If you choose Personal Funds for any reason you will be required to show this via financial documents. Please submit these documents to for processing. Acceptable financial documents are: bank account statement or letter, government funding letter, and savings account statement or letter.
  • Dependent Information

  • If choosing yes, please send biographical information page of passport to for processing. NOTE: You are required to provide proof of funding for each dependent which is $2,500/per dependent.