2018-2019 Publications

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Antoszczak, M., Urbaniak, A., Delgado, M., Maj, E., Borgstrom, B., Wietrzyk, J., Huczynski, A., Yuan, Y., Chambers, T., & Strand, D. (2018). Biological activity of doubly modified salinomycin analogs – Evaluation in vitro and ex vivo. Eur J Med Chem., 156, 510-523.

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Biomedical Informatics

Abram, K., & Udaondo, Z. (2018). Towards a better metabolic engineering reference: The microbial chassis. Microb Biotechnol. [Epub ahead of print]

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Cellular Physiology and Molecular Biophysics

Blackburn, J., D’Souza, Z., Kudlyk, T., Pokrovskaya, I., & Lupashin, V. (2018). COG and GARP protein complexes are essential for the maintenance of Golgi glycosylation machinery and for endosomal to Golgi vesicular trafficking. Glycobiology 28 (12), 1004-1005.

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Clinical and Translational Science

Ruebel, M., Piccolo, B., Mercer, K., Pack, L., Moutos, D., Shankar, K., & Andres, A. (2019). Obesity Leads to Distinct Metabolomic Signatures in the Follicular Fluid of Women Undergoing in vitro Fertilization. AJP-Endocrinology and Metabolism. [Epub ahead of print]


Graduate Program in Interdisciplinary Biomedical Sciences

Boysen, G., Jamshidi-Parsian, A., Davis, M., Siegel, E., Kore, R., Dings, R., & Griffin, R. (2018). Glutaminase Inhibitor CB-839 Increases Radiation Sensitivity of Lung Tumor Cells and Human Lung Tumor Xenografts in Mice. Int J Radiat Biol, 1-23.

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Interdisciplinary Biomedical Sciences

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Microbiology and Immunology

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Neurobiology and Developmental Sciences

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Nursing Science

Arkansas Center for Nursing, Inc, [Hays, L.] (2018). 2018 State of the Nursing Workforce in Arkansas {Research Report No. 1}. Available online at https://arcenterfornursing.org

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Pharmaceutical Evaluation and Policy

Bhandari, N., & Li, C. (2019). Impact of The Affordable Care Act’s Elimination of Cost-Sharing on the Guideline-Concordant Utilization of Cancer Preventive Screenings in the United States Using Medical Expenditure Panel Survey. Healthcare (Basel), 7(1).

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Pharmaceutical Sciences

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