UAMS Graduate School Recruitment

Faculty Engagement in Student Recruitment

This form has been developed to support faculty engagement with faculty and potential students at undergraduate institutions in the region. The Graduate School will reach out to undergraduate institutions to schedule lectures on topics related to your research interest (within the context of our graduate programs) to be presented by you on their campuses. The lecture will generally consist of 30 - 40 minutes of content and 15 -20 minutes of discussion about our graduate program offerings.
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  • Please select the graduate school program in which you are affiliated such as teaching a course or serving on a committee.
  • Please use key words such as "Bacterial Sequence Analysis" or "Neuroimaging impact of sleep on cognitive function and health" to briefly describe your research interest .
  • Please list any courses that you teach.
  • Please list any specific topics you would like to give lectures on.
  • This is a list of undergraduate courses that we will reach out to based on your interests and research base.
  • Please allow 3-5 business days if a larger amount of materials are needed.
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