Required Registration While You Study

Information Regarding Registration in Your Program at UAMS

UAMS is required to report each semester information regarding your studies in your Graduate program throughout the duration of your studies to immigration.  Our office is required after the first day of classes to update your SEVIS (Immigration) record to show that you are registered full-time in courses for that semester.  Full-time study at the graduate level is at least 9 credit hours for the Fall and Spring semester, and at least 1 credit hour in the Summer.  If you are not registered for the appropriate amount of hours by the first day of courses you may be subject to being terminated in the SEVIS system and will have to return home or correct your record.  Please make sure that you are registered in the appropriate amount of hours each semester.  If you cannot register for the required number of hours, please contact Allyson Douglass, International Student Advisor immediately.

F-1 students are allowed to take less than full-time credit hours during their last semester; however, some programs require students to maintain full-time registration up until the point of graduation.  This is up to the discretion of the program and immigration rules will not overrule that information.   If you are allowed to register for less that full-time credit hours during your last semester you will need to fill out a UAMS Reduced Course Load Form and submit it to the International Student Adviser BEFORE the semester begins.  Failure to do so can have serious consequences regarding your immigration record.