Information for New F-1 Students at UAMS

Congratulations on your admission to the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences!   We look forward to assisting you with your immigration needs while you are completing your degree at UAMS.

New F-1 Student Information for I-20 Processing – If you have received admission to a program at UAMS in an upcoming term, we need to work with you to create your immigration documents prior to beginning your studies at UAMS.   Please fill out this form with the required information so that we can work with you and your program to create and send your immigration documents to you as quickly and efficiently as possible.

UAMS I-20 Transfer Form – This form is used for any students currently in an F-1 status at a U.S. institution that needs to have their SEVIS record transferred to UAMS. This form should be completed by the student and International Student Adviser at the student’s current U.S. institution.   Please submit this completed form to for proper processing.

Requesting Express Mail – This page contains information for receiving your I-20 from UAMS so that you can begin your studies with us.

New International Student Reporting Information – Please fill this form out upon initial arrival at UAMS so that we can update required information with the Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP).

Finances and Expenses. All international students attending UAMS must have sufficient resources to meet all educational and living expenses until their program of study is completed. The estimated annual budget for an international student is currently $33,000 per year but your Affidavit of Support must state a total amount for two years of $66,000.00. If an international applicant believes he/she has sufficient resources to fund the expenses for the length of the degree program he/she must submit documented evidence that sufficient financial resources are available in U.S. dollars. This figure includes non-resident tuition, books, fees, required health insurance, etc., as well as basic living expenses for a student residing in campus housing. International students may meet these expenses in one of two ways. Ph.D. applicants may be eligible for an assistantship that will cover educational and living expenses and payment of tuition by the Graduate School, or a student may meet expenses through personal or other resources. There is no other type of financial aid, such as student loans or grants, available to international students through this institution. Proof of Affidavit of Support can be shown in the following ways:

  • Personal bank statement or savings account – A personal bank reference on bank letterhead from a bank official verifying that you possess the funds for estimated cost of attendance.
  • A sponsor’s bank reference letter verifying that he/she possesses the funds and an affidavit from your sponsor verifying his or her intent to sponsor your education.
  • Government financial guarantee – Submit the original form or official copy of your award as evidence of financial support. The statement of financial support must be in English; it must specify the sponsoring organization, academic term(s), billing address, and level and field of study for which it is valid. It must also specify the U.S. dollar amount you will receive and how the funds will be paid.
  • Additional amounts for dependents per year are: spouse $4,500 and children $2,500 each.
  • Life insurance policies, investments, non-liquid assets, and screenshots from an online bank account are not acceptable forms of documentation.