F-2 Dependent Information

F-1 students are allowed to bring their spouse and children to the U.S. as long as they provide information needed to create I-20 immigration documents for their dependents.

If you are bringing your F-2 dependent from a foreign country, please submit the following information:

  • Current valid passport biographical page of the F-2 dependent
  • Proof of funding of at least $2000/dependent
  • Marriage License

Once these have been submitted to the International Student Advisor she will update your I-20 with the dependent information and create new I-20s for yourself and the dependent(s). You will be contacted when these are available for pick up.

If your dependent is changing status in the U.S. from another status:

Please see below for information regarding change of status to F-2 dependent status.

F-1 to F-2 Change of Status Information