Curricular Practical Training (CPT) Request for F-1 Student


F-1 students participating in an internship, clerkship, practicum, or any training of this nature, whether paid or unpaid, must have approval from the International Student Adviser as well as have specific information notated on their I-20.   Students are required to be enrolled in a course that this directly related to this training.

In order to qualify for CPT, the student must have the following documentation in order:

  1. CPT must be required for the program of study
  2. Student must be registered in a course that pertains to the CPT

Students are allowed to participate in 20 hours (part-time) and up to 40 hours (full-time) per week of CPT during a semester.  Please note that students who participate in 40 hours for over 1 academic year are subject to losing time if they apply for Optional Practical Training after graduation.

Curricular Practical Training Student Request

Curricular Practical Training Faculty Request