F-1 Student Employment While Studying at UAMS

Employment While Studying Overview

Please keep the following in mind when searching for and obtaining employment on campus while you are enrolled in your program:

  • F-1 students are allowed to be employed up to 20 hours a week during the semester (Fall and Spring) and up to 40 hours a week during the Summer Term and Winter break.
  • F-1 Students are not allowed to work off campus at any time while they are studying in their Graduate program per immigration regulations unless proper immigration documentation is on file.  If you are found working off campus you will be in violation of your immigration status and will be terminated and have to return home.

If you receive employment on campus:

  1. Your department should work with Human Resources (HR) to complete the New Hire process for your position on campus.
  2.  A Social Security number is required for paid employment in the U.S.  If you don’t have a social security number, you need to apply for one as soon as you receive a job on campus.  Please contact Allyson Douglass, International Student Advisor at gradschool@uams.edu regarding receiving a letter that you’ll need to take with you to the Social Security office to apply for your number. Information regarding where the closest Social Security office location is and what you will need to take with you and expect when you go to apply for your number will also be provided to you to help you with this process.
  3. If you have a social security number please be sure to provide that number to the department HR contact.  If you are unsure who this is ask your hiring person and they should know.
  4. You can begin employment at UAMS without a social security number, however, it is required that as soon as you receive your social security number you submit this to your department’s HR contact so that they can continue the New Hire process. 
  5. Also, it is required that you complete an Immigration Check-In with HR Immigration Services within 3 days of receiving your social security number and submitting it to your department HR contact.  HR Immigration Services will process all New Hire Paperwork, and will provide the paperwork to you to complete your New Hire process.  Please contact HR Immigration Services at askimmigration@uams.edu to request an appointment for an Immigration Check-In.

Completing your program and employment on campus:

If you are employed on campus and currently pursuing a degree, your program end date listed on your I-20 is your last legal day of employment at UAMS. 

HR Immigration Services will contact you based on your program end date listed on the I-20 that you submitted when you filled out your new hire paperwork to verify if you will be completing your program and end employment at UAMS or if you need to update documentation with their office.

If you extend or shorten your program of study you are required to update HR Immigration Services of these changes. 

If you have any questions regarding what steps you need to follow once you have obtained employment on campus please contact HR Immigration Services at askimmigration@uams.edu.

Curricular Practical Training (CPT) while studying at UAMS

Students who meet specific immigration regulation requirements and whose program qualifies for CPT approval are allowed to work in an internship setting off campus.   Information regarding CPT, who qualifies, and the steps included in using this employment option while studying can be found here.