Can They Study? Simple Steps to Help Your Campus Understand Immigration Concepts For Students

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Whether your campus is large or small, talking with others on campus about international applicants and students can seem like an overwhelming task.

Below are some resources, including the Who Can Study presentation as a whole, and some resources that you are welcome to use when developing a plan to address this topic with others on your campus.

Can They Study Power point Presentation – Whether you have a lot of international students on campus or a small amount, this presentation will provide you with key points to consider when developing materials and presentations for use at your institution.

Example – UAMS Graduate School Immigration Reminders for Programs

Example – UAMS Graduate School Immigration Admission Reminders for Programs

Example – U of A Case Studies 2016 Grad Coordinator Training

Example – Grad Workshop Handout 2016

Example – UAMS Non immigrants Who Can Study in The U.S.


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