Compliance Information for Current Students

  • All UAMS Graduate School students are assigned a UAMS email address.  All compliance requirement notifications are sent to UAMS email addresses only.
  • Compliance requirements are mandatory for all UAMS students and failure to comply will result in deactivation of all UAMS accounts including email and blackboard. 

Once Each Year Requirements

  • Flu Shot
  • TB Skin Test

Student Employee Health Services notifies current students by email regarding flu shots and the TB test.
UAMS Announcements notify students regarding annual HIPAA training completed on the HIPAA web site.

Twice Each Year, Fall & Spring Requirements

  • Student Health Insurance Verification

Student Activities and Housing will notify students by email.
This requirement is completed online at the UAMS Student Portal.

One Time Requirements at Initial Enrollment

  • Arkansas State Bureau of Legislative Research
  • Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

The Graduate School office will notify new students by email.
These requirements are completed online at the UAMS Student Portal.