New Student Information: Tuition & Health Insurance

Tuition and Fees

Employee Health/Student Preventive Health Service Requirements

Please have your family physician complete the form and immunization history.  Also have your physician administer any needed immunizations including the TB skin test. Please read the Pre-enrollment Vaccination Form carefully to ensure all vaccinations are up-to-date.

  • Upload Forms to GUS — Log in to GUS (Gateway for UAMS Students) to upload all forms. Do not email or mail forms to Student and Employee Health Services.
  • TB Skin Test — Submit proof with the above Pre-enrollment Vaccination Form to Student Employee Health prior to enrollment. Log in to GUS to upload the form.

The Pre-enrollment Vaccination Form and proof of TB skin test should be submitted to by uploading these documents to GUS. Do not email or mail your documents to Student and Employee Health Services.

Student Health Insurance

Compliance requirements are mandatory for all UAMS students and failure to comply will result in deactivation of all UAMS accounts including email and blackboard.

  • All UAMS students are required to have health insurance prior to the first week of class. Students will be required to submit verification of their insurance. Student Activities and Housing will notify students by email with verification instructions. Health insurance plans must meet minimum coverage requirements found at Student Health Insurance Policy. Students are encouraged to confirm their coverage under their existing plan of insurance prior to registration or if they do not have any existing insurance, obtain such coverage. A student academic health plan is available at Student Health Insurance. 
  • Flu Vaccinations — Required for all employees and students. You will be notified when to complete this requirement.
  • COVID-19 Vaccinations — Required for all employees and students. Medical or religious exemptions may be requested.
  • HIPAA Training — You will receive an email notification to your account after registration.