PhD Core Curriculum

GPIBS CORE CURRICULUM: All PhD GPIBS students Year 1 Fall Semester (12 credit hours):

Research (IBSD 5101) – 1 credit hour
Scientific Communications and Ethics I (PCOL 5117) – 1 credit hour
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (BIOC 5101) – 3 credit hours
Cell Biology (NBDS 5111) – 3 credit hours
Gene Expression (PHYO 5112) – 3 credit hours
Seminar (IBSD 5102) – 1 credit hour
– To include 3 five week rotations

All students are encouraged to join a track prior to the second semester.

Please select the track below to view the required curriculum.

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Cell Biology and Physiology
Microbiology and Immunology
Pharmacology, Toxicology and Experimental Therapeutics