Archive Curriculum and Curriculum Change Requests

August 2016

PHYO 5051 Departmental Seminar_Change Description_Approved

PSGP Practice in Drug Discovery and Development_Add Course_Approved

IBSD Histopathology and Laboratory Screening_ Add Course_Approved

BIOM Special Topics in Biomedical Informatics_Add Course_Approved

BIOM Fundamentals of Managing Data Research_Add Course_Approved

BIOC 5203 Current Trends in Biomedical Sciences_Change title_Approved

BIOC 5109 Methods in Biomedical and Translational Sciences_Change title_Approved

October 2016

BIOM Info Sys in Clinical Research_Add Course_Approval

BIOM Thesis Research_Add Course_Approved

BIOM Research_Add Course_Approved

BIOM Capstone Project_Add Course_Approved

BIOM Clinical Research Informatics_Add Course_Approved

BIOM_Dissertation Research_Add Course_Approved

BIOM_Genomics and Metagen_Add Course_Approval

BIOM_Methods in BMI_Add Course_Approved

BIOM_Introduction to BMI_Add Course_Approved

BIOM_Healthcare in the U.S._Add Course_Approved

BIOM_Scientific Data Visual_Add Course_Approved

BIOM_Managing Organizations_Add Course_Approved

BIOM_Research Design_Add Course_Approved

November 2016

BIOM_Research Imaging Informatics_Add Course_Approved

BIOM_Clinical Imaging Informatics_Add Course_Approved

BIOM_Data Warehouse Aggregation and Report_Add Course_Approved

BIOM_Intro to Human Computer Interaction_Add Course_Approved

BIOM_Informatics of Quality and Patient Safety_Add Course_Approved

BIOM_Anatomy For Imaging_Add Course_Approved

BIOM_Bioconductor For Genomic Scale Data Analysis_Add Course_Approved

BIOM_Health Info Systems_Add Course_Approved

BIOM_Clinical Data Standards_Add Course_Approved

BIOM_Clinical Decision Support_Add Course_Approved

BIOM_Medical Decision Making_Add Course_Approved

BIOM_Comparative Microbial Genomics_Add Course_Approved

BIOM_Intro to Biological Network Analysis_Add Course_Approved

BIOM_Clinical and Trans Research_Add course_Approved

BIOM_Neuroimaging Info_Add Course_Approved

NPHD_Research Practicum_Add Course_Approved

February 2017

PHYO 5104_Cellular and Molecular Endocrinology_Approved

March 2017

PSGP 6112_Radiation Biology_Approved

 May 2017