Graduate Council

The Graduate Council acts on behalf of the Graduate Faculty on routine matters of policy interpretation, curriculum and course review, and review of applications for Graduate Faculty status. The operating procedures of the Graduate Council are defined by the Bylaws of the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences Graduate School.

The Graduate Council consists of a voting faculty representative from each of the graduate programs.  Representatives are elected for non-consecutive, four-year terms.  Members of the Graduate Council elect a chair from their membership for a two year term.

Meetings are scheduled once a month, generally on the third Thursday unless members are notified otherwise by the Graduate School office.

Graduate Council Minutes

2019-2020 Graduate Council Voting Members

Dr. Melanie MacNicol, Neurobiology and Developmental Sciences
Dr. Antino Allen, Pharmaceutical Sciences

Dr. Joshua Phelps, Clinical Nutrition
Dr. William Fantegrossi, Pharmacology

Dr. Boris Zybaylov, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Dr. Frank Simmen, Physiology and Molecular Biophysics
Dr. Patricia “Trish” Wright, Nursing Sciences
Dr. Jerry Ware, Pathobiology

Dr. Gunnar Boysen, Occupational and Environmental Health
Dr. Lin-Xi Li, Microbiology and Immunology
Dr. Andrew James, Interdisciplinary Biomedical Sciences
Dr. David Ussery, Biomedical Informatics

Committee on Faculty Responsibilities

Graduate Faculty and make recommendations to the Graduate Council. Upon recommendation of the Committee on Faculty, the Graduate Council shall have the authority to change the format of faculty application forms and materials needed for support or documentation. This committee shall also be responsible for making recommendations regarding all other matters pertaining to Graduate Faculty status.
Committee Members are:

  • Antino Allen
  • Gunnar Boysen
  • Andrew James
  • David Ussery

Committee on Curriculum Responsibilities

This committee will review and make recommendations to the Graduate Council on proposals for:
a) new courses for graduate credit b) changes to existing graduate courses such as alterations in title, description, number, prerequisites c) deletion of courses for graduate credit d) new or revised graduate tracks leading to a degree e) merging or eliminating existing degree tracks f) new or revised graduate degree programs g) merging or eliminating graduate degree programs. Upon recommendation of the Committee on Curriculum, the Graduate Council shall have the authority to change as appropriate the forms and materials needed to document these actions. In the case of new degree program proposals, this committee is responsible for ensuring that all aspects of the proposal are submitted in accordance with the format and policies of the University Of Arkansas Board Of Trustees and the Arkansas Department of Higher Education.
Committee Members are:

  • William Fantegrossi
  • Lin-Xi Li
  • Frank Simmen
  • Jerry Ware

Program Assessment Committee

This committee shall be responsible for reviewing and/or developing program assessment plans for all Graduate School Programs.
Committee Members are:

  • Melanie MacNicol
  • Joshua Phelps
  • Patricia Wright
  • Boris Zybaylov

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