Tuition and Fees

$78Parking/Transportation, per semester

2016-17 Resident Tuition per semester
$3708 Full-Time (9 credit hours +)
$412 Part-Time, per credit hour
2016-17 Non-Resident Tuition per semester
$7416 Full-Time (9 credit hours +)
$824 Part-Time, per credit hour
2016-17 Fees
$141 Student Health Fee, per semester (Includes Student Health Fee, Student Wellness Fee, and Student Clinic Fee)
$105 Student Tech Fee, per semester
$420 University Services Fee, per semester (Includes Academic Affairs Fee, Student Insurance Admin Fee, and Library Fee)
$25 Student Activity Fee, per  semester
$78 Parking/Transportation, per semester
$39 Parking/Transportation for summer session
$50 Late Payment Fee, per semester
Graduating Student Fees
$80 Graduation Fee, Master of Science and Ph.D.
$25 Diploma Replacement Fee, per request
$10 Transcript Fee, per request
$120 Dissertation Fee for Doctoral Students

**Nursing Ph.D. students – Contact the College of Nursing for additional fee information – 686-5374


Other Information:

Student Residency Policy Information

Non-Resident Diversity Tuition Waiver Guidelines and Application