Graduate School Forms

Forms for Students

Add or drop course(s)
Candidacy Exam Form **Ph.D. Students Only
Campus Clearance Form (request from OUR)
Certificate of Residency
Change of Address or Name
Graduation Form
Doctoral Advisory Committee (Ph.D. only)**
Final Examination (Ph.D. only)**
Graduate Student Advisory Committee Meeting Form** (Required for PhD students. PhD students must meet with their committee a minimum of once each semester excluding summer.)
Non-Resident Diversity Scholarship Program Guidelines & Application
Outside Faculty Member Dissertation Comittee (Ph.D only)**
Thesis Advisory Committee (M.S. only)**
Transcript Request
Withdrawal from Graduate School
Enrollment/Degree Verification

**Required forms. Please submit to the Graduate School Office.

Faculty Forms

To request a new course or changes to a course you must complete the following 2 forms and submit to the Graduate School Associate Dean:
Course Approval Application
OUR Course Approval Form

To change curriculum requirements in GUS, please submit the following form to the Graduate School Associate Dean prior to submission to the Office of the University Registrar:
Curriculum Template

Graduate Faculty Application
Inter-College Course Cross Listing
Tuition Payment PhD form