MS Curriculum

The GPIBS MS degree offers a thesis (30 credit hours of coursework plus 6 credit hours of research in IBSD 5101) or non-thesis option (36 hours of coursework and comprehensive exam).

GPIBS seminar (IBSD 5102-Section 1)-1 credit hour each; must enroll in each fall and spring semester
Scientific Communication and Ethics 1 (PCOL 5117)-1 credit hour
Scientific Communication and Ethics 2 (PCOL 5119)-1 credit hour
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (BIOC 5101)-3 credit hours
Cell Biology (NBDS 5111)-3 credit hours
Biostatistics 1 (BIOS 5013)-3 credit hours

17 credit hours of electives (thesis) or 23 hours of electives (non-thesis). This can include 2 credit hours of GPIBS seminar for semesters 3 and 4.

Students in the MS program do not have to select a track.